FDOT Transit Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Manager Certificate Program

Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Graduates Fall 2019

Left to right: Monica Welles, Liberty County Transit; Marcy McCabe, Lakeland Area Mass Transit; Trevor Martin, Flagler County; Diana Byrnes, Center for Urban Transportation Research; Timothy Kolmetz, First Transit; Joseph Chagnon, Space Coast Area Transit; Terri Larrivee, Council on Aging of St. Lucie, Inc.; Regina Scott, City of Key West, Key West DOT. Not pictured: Veronica Bellamy, Palm Beach County Transportation; Jessica Dunn, Jacksonville Transportation Authority; Mark Pry, Space Coast Area Transit; Herman Schulz, Marion Senior Services; Beverly Yates, Hernando County Transit

Graduates Spring 2018

Left to right: Jafari Bowden, LYNX; Kelly Brooks, MV Transportation, Inc.; Diana Byrnes, CUTR; Katie Estevez, City of Tallahassee; Elizabeth O’Hara, PSTA; and Matthew Liveringhouse, Collier Area Transit
Not pictured: Rod Delostrinos, Key West DOT; Carol Doan, Jacksonville Transportation Authority; Collin Roller, Manatee County Area Transit; and Julia Velasco, Positive Medical Transport

Graduates Spring 2017

Left to right: Victor Wiley, Florida DOT; Kathy Ballentine, Gulf County Transit; Sharon Kent, Tri-County Community Council; Susan Morin, Citrus County Transit; Benjamin Pearl, SCAT; Billie Jo Sikes, VoTran; Danny Skipper, JTrans; Tom Wilder, Marion County Transit; and Diana Byrnes, CUTR
Not pictured: Eric Landis, Big Bend Transit; Rogelio Hernandez, Key West DOT, and Mark Nelson, Sumter County

Graduates Spring 2016

Back row left to right: Victor B. Wiley, FDOT; Gennaro “Rino” Saliceto, Space Coast Area Transit; Joseph Gonzalez, Minority Mobile System, Inc.; and Carol Patterson, Miami-Dade County
Front row left to right: Diana Byrnes, Instructor, CUTR; Ana Gonzalez, PalmTran; Karen Minder, City of Tallahassee; and Nadine Ohlinger, City of Clermont
Not pictured: Ginny Braddock and Tiffany Shrull, Baker County COA; and Mike Viera, Miami-Dade County

Graduates Fall 2015

DAPM Class #1

Back row left to right: Cinthia Lisken, BCT; Patricia Dupera, Lake County Transit; Mike Hays, Nassau County Transit; Carolyn Haia, Key West DOT; Shana Heidig LeeTran, Tamie Langman, Manatee County Government; and Serena Thomas, JTA Tiffany Shrull
Front row left to right: Gabriella Syffus, PSTA; Diana Byrnes, Instructor, CUTR; Andrea Garner, Ride Solution, Inc.; Claudette Mahan, Martin County BOCC Karen Roland, Sarasota County Area Transit; and Kelli White, HART
Not pictured: Wanda Nye, Ride Solution, Inc.