New! Drug & Alcohol “Small Bytes” Training Video Series

As part of the FDOT Substance Abuse Management and Technical Assistance program, FDOT is sponsoring the on-going development of brief drug and alcohol testing program training videos.  These easily accessible videos allow agencies to quickly receive training on a variety of topics related to testing program compliance.   If you’d like to recommend a topic area for future presentations, please email Diana Byrnes.

Small Bytes Episode One: Effective Random Testing

This short video will describe the FTA random drug and alcohol testing requirements and best practices for a truly effective random testing program (under 6 minutes).

Small Bytes Episode Two: Record Keeping Best Practices

This short video will describe common FTA drug and alcohol testing program documents and the best practices for managing the records in a secure and compliant manner. (under 10 minutes)

Small Bytes Episode Three: Collection Sites

This “Small Byte” will take a look at the most common collection site issues and provide practical solutions to help you and your collection maintain compliance with FTA and USDOT regulations.

Small Bytes Episode Four: Terminology

This “Small Byte” will cover common acronyms and terminology to help you communicate effectively with drug and alcohol testing service agents, auditors and transit agency peers.

Small Bytes Episode Five: Post Accident Testing

This brief presentation will help agencies correct common errors in the administration of FTA post-accident drug and alcohol testing following bus accidents.

Download the sample Post Accident Testing Decision Form for Bus Accidents referenced in the Small Byte.


Webinar Recordings

Beginner Drug & Alcohol Program Management Training
April 27, 2022
Presented by Diana Byrnes, CUTR

Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Guidance and Tools from FSSolutions
August 12, 2021
Presented by: Lisa Busse, Director of Client Relations and Onboarding; Regina Doural, General Manager, Compliance Services; and Mary Ann Mesaros, Florida DOT Account Representative
View Recording

Understanding Cannabis, Hemp and CBD
December, 10, 2019
Presented by: Diana Byrnes, CUTR; and Jason Amatucci, Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition
View Recording

FTA Drug & Alcohol Program Management for Beginners
September 25, 2019
View Recording | Download Handout

Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements for 5310 Agencies
October 23, 2018
View Recording | Download Handout

Drug & Alcohol Testing: Using FirstLab’s Web-Based Tools
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Download Handout | View Webinar Recording

Best Practices: Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Record-keeping
March 16, 2017
Presented by: Diana Byrnes, C-SAPA
Download Handout | View Webinar Recording